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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Animasola Island (Balatan)
Exotic rock formations and crystal clear waters welcome visitors travelling off the coast of the town.

Consocep Mountain Resort (Tigaon)
A 45 minute ride from Naga City and located at Brgy. Consocep. The resort is nestled on the shoulders of Mt. Isarog at an elevation of 1,800 ft. above sea level. Cool mountain air; two big waterfalls, Tuaguiti and Bulalacao, and smaller ones, most popular being Kawa-kawa; rest area, concrete stairways made of natural flat stones; flowers, butterflies, and tall trees make for an interesting scenery.

Atulayan Island (Sangay)
Island paradise of rare shells and stones. This tiny ivory beach island was the setting of the French-Italian movie “Mutiny in the South Seas.”

Daruanak Island (Pasacao) About 15 minutes by boat and 10 minutes by jeepney from the town proper. Located off the coast of Poñgol and Balogo Beach; ideal for skiing; home to sea anemones, starfish, sea urchins, and other marine life.

Provincial Capitol Complex (Pili)
The seat of the provincial government of Camarines Sur. A prime tourist destination that offers recreational facilities and eco-tourism wonders found within 180 hectares of land at Brgy. Cadlan.

Peñafrancia Basilica Minore (Naga City)

Situated in a three-hectare lot along Balatas road, it is home to the miraculous Virgin of Peñafrancia (Patroness of the Bicol Region) and the Divino Rostro (Holy Face). The feast is celebrated during September of every year.

Aguirangan Island (Presentacion)
Roughly 30 minutes from Brgy. Sabang, San Jose by motorized banca and half that time or even less by speedboat. Its small size, relative accessibility, and white beach made out of powdered corals make it a favorite excursion site. Has an area of approximately 1.5 hectares, surrounded by beautiful coral formations stretching a kilometer or more on the eastern side. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular activities in the island.

Kalupnitan Caves (llibmanan)
Has one of the most magnificent stalactite formations in its interiors. The caves contain countless stalagmites, stalactites, and pillars ranging from massive to delicate. Millions of bats emerge wildly from these caves, a rare but fearsome spectacle.

Gota Beach (Caramoan) Composed of two caves called Little Gota and Big Gota, which are the main attractions of the Caramoan National Park. Located in Barangay Paniman about five kilometers from the town proper, a group of limestone islets known as the Malarad Island Group can be found. One can enjoy a stretch of sugary fine white beach comparable to that of Boracay, a salt water lake, and wildlife.

Adiangao Caves (San Jose)
Series of caverns located in Barangay Adiangao. Has three mouths and a 300-meter canopy stretching further up into the Calinigan Mountains. Stalactites, stalagmites, and huge columns and pillars adorn the ceiling and floors. Dripstone formed like icicles and suspended waterfalls can also be found.

Caramoan Sea Kayaking
The Caramoan Peninsula, off Bicol, provides a totally untouched environment for kayakers willing to bring their own boats. This area is totally unknown to tourists so do not expect hotels or restaurants. But if you are looking for an outer-edge ocean experience, you will find it here. The Caramoan area is hit by typhoons so plan your expedition in the quiet months between December and June.


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Discovering Paradise that is Caramoan

by Cityzen | Andrei Martin Diamante
posted on Saturday June 30, 2007

Discovering Paradise that is Caramoan

While Camarines Sur recently became popular because of a watersports center, my friends and I decided to explore a different part of the region, the Caramoan peninsula. Going to Caramoan is quite tiresome, since one needs to take a long bus ride or a plane trip to Naga City, a shuttle to the town of Sabang, and almost two hours' boat ride to the final stop.

Because Caramoan is not (yet) a commercialized travel spot, there is no single resort in the area. There are, however, a couple of pension houses and a few homestays in the town center or the Sentro. Good thing I was able to reserve slots in the place of Tita Felly (BC Hometel) before we left Manila, since most homestays in the area were already jam-packed. Prices of homestays start at 150 pesos per head per night, depending on the facilities (e.g. aircon) and haggling skills.

The first highlight of the trip was the most accessible beach from the Sentro, Gota Beach, where I got to experience the strongest and most consistent waves in my entire beach life. The shores were in fact facing the Pacific Ocean and had amazing rock formations from both sides, with a few caves in certain areas. A companion even said that the beach was so much better than the ones in Phuket, which was a pleasantly surprising remark.

Discovering Paradise that is Caramoan

Another spot worth visiting is the white patch of land called the Lajos (or Lahos) Island. From afar, the island looks like a flat white sheet, with two almost identical rocks on both sides. The Hunongan Cove is also a great beach if you want privacy among companions. Its sands are ideal for camping and frisbee, but whose waters are unfortunately surrounded by schools of jellyfish.

Discovering Paradise that is Caramoan

Discovering Paradise that is Caramoan

Then there's the Gotang Malaki, a bigger cove beside Gota beach, where some of us decided to spend the night with our tents. A huge orange moon appeared brightly between two giant rock formations during midnight, and dozens of seagulls greeted our camp in the morning, speeding their way from the rocks to the clear blue waters of the beach.

Sabitan Laiya is one of the most popular spots in Caramoan because of the long stretch of white sand and large rock formations. The entire stretch actually looked like Boracay, sans D'Mall and the partying crowd.

Discovering Paradise that is Caramoan

About an hour away from Sabitan Laiya is Tayak Island, an island with an eerie lagoon in the middle. Urban legends of humans taken in and lost forever abound when it comes to the lagoon, a vast but still body of water completely surrounded by very tall boulders. While resting on the shores of the island, we were lucky enough to sight an eagle gliding back and forth the mountains.

Discovering Paradise that is Caramoan

Our last stop was Matukad Island, with sharp and layered rock formations similar to those in Lajos. At sundown, we decided to finish a few songs of Louis Armstrong before leaving the island, and exactly after the last melody of the song "What a Wonderful World," a school of flying fish went jumping in the waters in front of us as if on cue.

Discovering Paradise that is Caramoan

Whether as a tourist or a backpacker, new destinations--especially with great company and lesser crowds--can really give a sense of energy and utmost fulfillment. A satisfied soul can realize that travel is more than the photographs, or the great food, or the number of hours under the sun. It's really about experiencing heaven on earth, and celebrating life as it happens. And for us, Caramoan was simply the perfect place to do just that.

Images also by Andrei Martin Diamante

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The most recommended activity to do, while your in Caramoan is Island Hopping, you should not miss this, each island and islets boast its beauty, especially its pristine powder white sand beaches. This activity will consume your whole day. Just make sure to bring all the stuff you need Packed lunch, Water, Snacks, Snorkel Gear, Sunblock and most of all Camera.

Boat rental for a group of 3-5 heads would range from 1,500 to 1,800 always bargain if they charge you higher than this say no, there are two jump off points for island hopping in Caramoan either in Paniman or Bikal these are barangays situated in the coastlines.

One of the tourist attactions in Caramoan is Spelunking or Caving, the experience is very exciting, you will need to either hire a boat to get to the jump off point or tricycle to get there, from the jump off point you will need to hire locals to take you to the Omang Cave 100 fee would be decent enough. Going to the cave you will need to cross or walk right thru the muddy river stream coming from the mountains which are abount 2 to 5 feet deep for about 20-30 minutes then climb the cliffs for another 20 minutes. the entrance to the cave is actually about the solid rock mountain. Inside is like a large Church hall which you can compare to the Vatican, there are stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave, careful on you walk the rocks are slippery and make sure to have off lotion with you to keep the painful mosquito bites inside the cave.

Source: moymoydtraveller of Virtual

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CARAMOAN: Travel Information

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Caramoan can also be reached via the southern Luzon expressway to CBD(Central Business District) in Naga City . There are also direct flights from Manila to Pili Airport, the Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific fly regularly from the Manila domestic airports to Pili airport. The best, easiest and most comfortable way to reach the Gota Village Resort is to let the office in CWC or Camsur Tourism Office organize the transport transfers.

CamSur Daily Express (M/V LRAY)


Travel Time


10:00 am

1 hour

Nato Port, Sagnay Camarines Sur


11:00 am

Guijalo Port, Caramoan, Camarines Sur


01:30 pm

1 hour

Nato Port, Sagnay Camarines Sur


02:30 pm

Guijalo Port, Caramoan, Camarines Sur

Fare: 350 pesos

One way only

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