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Lets go 64, 000 Followers

Thursday, June 6, 2013

wow I can't believe it.. I have 64k followers and 1000 viewers a day..

Even my blog is not update for 3 years, still there is 64k people viewed my website. It is heart warming that I have still a loyal followers..

Seeing this number it gives me a reason to write even I am not a writer, do some research and inspire to be more creative, innovative and artistic. You know guys it motivates me to fill this blog of what you want to know about Caramoan. And aside from my personal rationalization it is also a good indication that Caramoan is still the number 1 tourist spot here in the Philippines coz many are still interested and still searching of what to find here in Caramoan. For now I end my letter by saying "Never say I can't do it, keep on believing"

Until next time viewers..

If you want to post and be known just give me a ring at 0932859543

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highlights of the September Tercentenary Festivities will be the FUN WALK, FUN RUN & FUN BIKE for INA.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Highlights of the September Tercentenary
Festivities will be the


One of the highlights of the September Tercentenary Festivities will be the FUN WALK, FUN RUN & FUN BIKE for INA. This is event is relatively related to the Fun Run for INA last May 1, 2010 in which there were 1,500 participants.

This time there are 3 events (walk, run & bike.)

The Tercentenary Committee and the Ateneo Athletics Department is now in process of finalizing all the details. For now, we launched this event on facebook... only for the promotion.

Formal Launching of this event will be coming soon!

As soon as we finalized, we will be informing all of you guys. Thank you!


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Caramoan Inns and Hotels

Monday, June 21, 2010

Caramoan Peninsula is a beach Paradise located in Southern Luzon in the Philippines. Caramoan is known for its white sand beaches and islands that dot its crystal-clear waters.

Early this year, Caramoan became the setting of “Koh-Lanta Caramoan” a French version of the reality TV series “Survivor.”

With the recent media exposure and the tide of tourists flocking this paradise, Caramoan is being touted as “the next Boracay.”

Personally, I hope Caramoan won’t go the way of Boracay. Boracay as we know it is overdeveloped, crowded and polluted. Local officials should bear in mind that while tourism will bring in money, development should be sustainable and its impact on the environment should be minimized.

Caramoan Inns and Hotels

1. ) Rex Tourist Inn – rates range from 300 pesos to 2,500 pesos
contact number +639198821879

2.) La Casa Roa – rates range from 1,000 pesos to 1,400 pesos
contact number +63(54)8115789

3.) Juliana
contact number +639212261395

4.) West Peninsula Villas
Contact Number: +639212642538
Pension house in barrio san andres near the town proper. Accommodations are little
native huts set on a lawn.

5.) Caramoan Bed and Dine
Contact number: 09204768619, 09204768577, 09158268563
Pension house with two airconditioned rooms good for 6 persons.
Also features a common room with cable television, dining area, toilet and shower.

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Caramoan is my Island

Caramoan is said to combine the beauty of the white sand beaches of Boracay and the
massive limestone formations of Palawan. Before, only backpackers and the locals knew of the remote peninsulass pristine beaches. Very little is known about Caramoan. Isolated from the rest of Camarines Sur, it is no surprise why Philippine's Secret Paradise remains unexploited from
commercial tourism. But everything has changed since then.

Caramoan is one of the 35 municipalities of CamSur and occupies the lower eastern portion of the province. It is situated at the heart of the peninsula at the southernmost edge of Luzon. It is approximately 501 kilometers away from Metro Manila; 95 kilometers from the municipality of Pili,where the seat of the provincial government and the Pili Domestic Airport are located; and 110
kilometers away from Naga City, the heart of Bicol.

Consisting of 4,000-hectare limestone forest and 45 islands and islets, Caramoan boasts of many sugar-fine white sand beaches with crystal blue waters, skyscraping limestone formations, tranquil hiden lakes, caves and breathtaking sunsets. You can go island hopping and enjoy many different
activities such as snorkeling, rock climbing, kayaking, scuba diving, trekking, caving or just star gazing in the open sky and be mismerrized by persied meteor showers in August nights.

The name Caramoan has been officially adapted since 1619, the year it was founded by a zealous missionary, the venerable Spanish friar Francisco de la Cruz Y Oropesa. This 60-year old priest penetrated the thick virgin forest of the Caramoan Peninsula and found a small settlement in a place
called Baluarte. Later on, this settlement was turned over to the administration of the Holy Bishopric
in 1696.

The small town of Caramoan was then located at the tip of Caramoan Peninsula, a rugged place of land extending into the waters of the Maqueda Channel on the North and East and Lagonoy Gulf on the South. It was determined that the first name given to this place was Guta de Leche by the Dutch traders who operated a gold mine in Lahuy Island and frequented the area to trade with the natives,prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. The name was perhaps derived from the milkdrop stalagmites found among the rocks of Guta Port. But upon the arrival of the Spaniards, the place came to be called "Carahan" for the sea turtle, which was at that time to be found in great number along the shores of the Peninsula.

In 2007, the islands of Lahuy, Cotivas, Guinahuan, Luksuhin, Malibagon and Masag, located off the northern coast of Caramoan town were declared national tourism zones by virtue of Republic Act (RA) No. 9445.

The 8th season of “Koh-Lanta” (French edition of “Survivor),” was shot entirely in Caramoan. TV director Corinne Vaillant, stated that "the powdery sand, the coconuts on Gota beach and the
neighboring islets are a 'dream' for the French people. We chose Caramoan because it’s really wild. It’s necessary that contestants don’t see anything other than nature for them to believe that they’re
really lost in the wilds.

Now, Caramoan is on the tourism map of the world. Thanks to the development effort of the Provicial Government.

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Matukad Island Caramoan Cam. Sur

Glassy waters surround this little island called Matukad in Caramoan, Camarines Sur. Limestone rock formations dot the surrounding waters that make a spectacular scenery. Inland you can explore the lush tropical forest that conceals a small lake. You can arrange island-hopping trips that includes Matukad Island from Gota Beach with your hotel.

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